Joyce A Howe

Joyce A Howe
Author from Toronto, Canada



Joyce A. Howe was born on the Canada/U.S. border in Quebec’s Eastern Townships, and feels equally at home in Toronto’s river ravines and Los Angeles’s canyons. A long stay in the Kern County Mountains of California inspired her to begin the Joanna Hunter mystery series.



As an English teacher Joyce spent many years immersed in the glories of the English literature, which continues to console her daily. She has published Never Tell, a memoir of her childhood in a cult family, under the name of Joyce A. Hood. Besides the obligatory failed novel and a body of poetry, over a period of 40 years, she has filled 138 journals, about 28,000 pages, of weather reports and soul baring. Her blog is somewhat erroneously called 115 Journals. ( This experience has convinced her that narrative is the key to mental, physical and spiritual health and ultimately to the empathic evolution of humanity.

Hour of the Hawk is the first in a series of mysteries featuring Joanna Hunter. (Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.)